Food supplement for lactose intolerance

Lactolerance® is a food supplement based on the enzyme lactase. It improves the digestion of lactose in people who have difficulty digesting it. It prevents the symptoms lactose intolerance.

Presented in a metal box of 36, 45 or 144 small easy-to-swallow capsules. Lactolerance 4500 allows the digestion of up to 22.5 grams of lactose, 45 grams for Lactolerance 9000.

Mechanism of action :

The lactase contained in Lactolérance® is an enzyme which enables lactose to be assimilated. It hydrolyses lactose en glucose et en galactose dans l’intestin comme le fait l’enzyme lactase des personnes « lactolérantes ».


Lactase 4500 FCC or 9000 FCC, bulking agent: acacia gum. The lactase contained in Lactolerance® is an enzyme produced by fermentation of the fungus Aspergillus oryzae. The capsule shell is made of vegetable gelatine. Lactolérance® contains no ingredients of animal origin, no gluten, no soya, no GMOs, no sugar, no sweeteners, no salt and no yeast.

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