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Lactolerance Lactase Capsules - Treatment of lactose intolerance


Where do you stand on your lactose intolerance?

I am not sure if I am lactose intolerant

I am not sure if I am lactose intolerant

If a glass of milk rushes you to the toilet then your lactose intolerance is likely.

You can confirm this with one of these three tests:

  • The provisional foreclosure test
  • The respiratory test in the hospital
  • Taking lactase

To know everything about these tests click here

I am intolerant but I have never tried Lactolérance

I am intolerant but I have never tried Lactolérance

Most meals eaten out are problematic. Between the frustrations, the hidden lactose and the incomprehension of those around you, social life can become complicated. The lactase contained in Lactolerance compensates for the enzyme deficiency and allows lactose to be digested naturally, without side effects. The Lactolérance range of food supplements allows lactose to be digested on an ad hoc or permanent basis. The effectiveness of Lactolérance is proven and we guarantee it "Satisfied or refunded". All about our test box by clicking here

I have already tried lactase but without satisfaction

I have already tried lactase but without satisfaction

Lactase is only effective when it is sufficiently dosed.
Preferably use Lactolérance 9000 (twice as concentrated) or Lactolérance 1Day: with just one capsule each day, it protects 24 hours a day and avoids dosing errors and omissions, while being very effective, whatever the level of 'intolerance.

I know lactase and would like to find better

I know lactase and would like to find better

Lactase is very effective but requires monitoring the composition of the dishes. With just one capsule each day, Lactolérance 1Day is effective 24 hours a day. It is thus possible to consume lactose at any time of the day in complete freedom. Learn more.

Which product to choose to fight against lactose intolerance?

Any level of intolerance

Any level of intolerance

1 daily capsule - 24 hour protection

Box of 30 lactic ferment capsules

Dès €24.90

Moderate intolerance

Moderate intolerance

Take on demand - 1 hour protection

Box of 60 to 240 lactase capsules

Dès €16.90

Severe intolerance

Severe intolerance

Take on demand - 1 hour protection

Box of 36 to 114 lactase capsules

Dès €19.90

Why choose Lactolérance?


  • 100% natural
  • Laboratory tested
  • Available in pharmacies
  • Proven effectiveness


  • Personalized advice
  • Free 24h-48h delivery in Point Relais
  • Loyalty program
  • Subscriptions available without obligation


  • Caring Customer Service
  • Satisfied or 100 % refunded
  • Same day shipping for orders placed before 2:00 PM (excluding weekends)

They testify

Verified Reviews

based on 166 reviews last 12 months

" Since I take a single 1Day capsule, no more worries when consuming a dairy product and no more having to walk around with capsules just in case. One a day and everything is settled. "

Annie H.

" I no longer have a stomach ache !!!!! I can again eat cottage cheese and products containing lactose without being afraid of pain and diarrhea! I take the one day Thank you !!!!! "

Emilie T.

" My 16 year old son has been lactose intolerant for many years thanks to the "lactolerance" products, he can afford to deviate from his lactose free diet. The products are very effective and the site very serious. Thanks to Lactolérance! "

Christiane K.

" Lactolerance has been preventing me from having very violent crises due to lactose for 2 years now. (Pain and vomiting). I gained an incredible comfort of life. Always super fast delivery! I recommend with my eyes closed and could not do without it. Thank you ! "

Stéphanie F.


Pascal I.

" Easy navigation, quick order reception and very good quality products "

Eliot J.

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About Lactolérance

Lactolérance is the first brand of food supplements entirely intended for people with lactose intolerance. An expert brand, created by lactose intolerant people for lactose intolerant people. This intolerance causes digestive discomfort. It complicates all meals out and social life. To prevent these inconveniences, Lactolérance promises simple and effective solutions based on lactase, the enzyme essential for the optimal digestion of lactose.

Our food supplements have been developed in collaboration with gastroenterologists and dietitians. We use quality ingredients for products with proven efficacy, which have been tested in the laboratory and which are prescribed by doctors.

Lactolérance offers a range of 3 references, each adapted to a particular lactose intolerance profile and an individualized lifestyle. Everyone can find their own solution, and our Customer Service is at great pains to advise you.

Our positioning vis-à-vis milk and its supposed virtues is very clear. We believe that milk is not a "friend for life", especially for the lactose intolerant. In no case do we promote milk. Our food supplements are not an incentive to consume dairy products, but only a means of considerably improving the quality of life of lactose intolerant people on a daily basis, especially outside the home, while diversifying and enhancing their diet. and facilitating their social life.