1Day, 4500 or 9000 lactolerance, how to choose?

Your choice will depend on how often you eat outside the home and the level of comfort you want.

  • 1Day Lactolerance - 24 hour protection - Maximum comfort
    1 capsule daily protects 24 hours a dayThis is true regardless of the level of intolerance.
    No need to read labels or carry a pillbox. No risk of being tricked by hidden lactose.
  • Lactolérance 9000 - 45 min/1h protection - Ideal for occasional lactose consumption
    For severe lactose intolerance. Easy to use: usually only 1 capsule is needed.
    Add a second capsule for meals very rich in lactose.
  • Lactolérance 4500 - Protection 45 min/1h
    For moderate intolerance and low lactose consumption.

For first-time use we recommend the Discovery Pack (click here)



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