Lactose-free ice cream?

Did you know? Ice cream is France's favourite summer dessert. In France, we consume an average of 6 litres per person per year. Is there lactose in ice cream? It depends... To be precise, "ice cream" is not "ice cream"...

Testimony of Philippe, lactose intolerant

  "Lactolérance 4500, a little box that has revolutionised my life" Before a friend told me about Lactolérance, I think I can say that my life was very "uncomfortable". For twenty years, I had been following a strict lactose-free diet that was extremely restrictive...

Testimony of Valerie, lactose intolerant

  Lactolerance 9000: when I took my first capsule and saw that it worked, I cried! I'm totally lactose intolerant, and even a trace of butter on a knife can make me sick... So my life was terrible: I was sick all the time, I couldn't eat anything...

Testimony of Nicolas, lactose intolerant

    I'll always remember that day That day, when I dined in a cheese restaurant. I couldn't go through with the meal and spent several hours completely doubled over with stomach cramps, cooped up in the toilet, inundated with sweat.

Interview Carlos from Lactolérance Santé on the net

Carlos Rommelaere, founder of Lactolérance, talks about lactose intolerance for the website Santé sur le net... He covers the following topics: - What is lactose intolerance? - What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? - How is lactose intolerance diagnosed? - Allergy to whey protein?


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