Lactose in chocolate? Everything you need to know to avoid being tricked again!

Do without chocolate? No, not necessarily!
Here are some tips on how to treat yourself without getting sick.

Lactose in chocolate? There are some chocolates that you can eat in peace... 

The dark chocolate is also called fondant chocolate or bitter chocolate. This is the chocolate itself.

It is a mixture of cocoa and sugar that must contain at least 35 % of cocoa. Below this, it is called "chocolate confectionery". The amount of sugar used depends on the bitterness of the cocoa variety used. it rarely contains milk or only a trace of it. Most people with lactose will be able to consume it without feeling any discomfort.

... and chocolates that can cause unpleasant surprises!

The milk chocolate is chocolate that is made by adding milk powder or condensed milk. European and Swiss regulations require a minimum of 25 % of cocoa. It is as high in calories as dark chocolate - lower in fat but higher in sugar. Usually it contains just under 40 % of cocoa. However, in some luxury stores you can find milk chocolate with 45 % of cocoa or more. The milkiness will allow you to enjoy them with complete peace of mind.

The white chocolate is a preparation based on cocoa butter, with added sugar, milk and flavouring. Although it is recognised as chocolate, it is not made of cocoa. It is used in confectionery to play on the contrast of colours, or in the form of a wafer. Here too Lactolerance will be essential for you to enjoy your meal with peace of mind.

The couverture chocolate is a very high quality chocolate used by chocolatiers and confectioners as a raw material. It can be dark or milk chocolate, but contains at least 32 % of cocoa butter, which makes it very fluid to make a thinner coating than a traditional one.

The Lactolerance Council

If you can, check the ingredients carefully of your dark chocolate, and when in doubt, you can use the default Lactolérance.

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