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Welcome to Lactoléranceyour ally in discovering an uncompromising way of life in the face of climate change.lactose intolerance. Find out how our expertise in dietary supplements based on lactase can help you enjoy every mouthful without worry.

Forget your lactose-free diet! 🥛

Lactase is the essential enzyme that can make all the difference to your eating experience. Our Lactolerance food supplements are formulated with a precise dose of lactase, so you can to digest lactose in complete tranquillity.

Imagine being able to enjoy your favourite ice cream, savour a creamy cappuccino or share a pizza with friends, without fearing the inconveniences of lactose intolerance? With Lactolerance, it's possible!

Treat yourself to the best natural lactase! 💊


The effectiveness rate of our lactase formulas Lactolérance 4500 and Lactolérance 9000.

For over 10 years, our formulas have changed the daily digestive lives of thousands of people. Here are a few testimonials:


100% satisfied, I had no symptoms of intolerance during festive meals.

JEAN-CHRISTOPHE M.publié le 09/01/2023 suite à une commande du 14/12/2022


At last, an effective food supplement! I have a moderate intolerance and these capsules are effective! I've been able to eat raclette, yoghurts and so on without any problems. As far as I'm concerned, one capsule is effective for just 1 hour, I haven't tested it any further... I recommend 100%.

IMELDA F. published on 31/12/2022 following an order from 08/12/2022


Great product, I no longer need to pay attention to what I eat and calculate, I just take one capsule and that's it.

ANONYMOUS CUSTOMER publié le 01/10/2021 suite à une commande du 05/09/2021

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