Quiz! Can you find out where the lactose is in this Christmas meal?

Get ready for New Year's Eve and play the guessing game lactose !

Among the Christmas classics, we've already covered :

  • Chocolate, find it here
  • The charcuterie, find it here

Can you find out which festive dishes may contain lactose?

Aperitifs & Starters

Blinis - Aperitif biscuits - White pudding 
Verrines - Prawns - Smoked salmon - Shellfish                      
Scallops - Foie gras


Fish - Meat - Stuffed poultry


Cow, goat or sheep milk


Sorbet - Chocolate Mousse
Exotic fruit salad
Pastry log
Ice cream log - Turron
Chocolate - Marrons Glacésl

With or without lactose?
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to discover


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