The Heart Has Its Reasons

Damn my allergy to lactose

and its disastrous effects on the ozone layer! "

On the disadvantage of thelactose intolerance

when you are buried alive

and we try to get out of it

by pushing the lid of the coffin

with all his might...

Cult series, The Heart has its Reasons* is not an easy task

This 2008 Quebec TV series (starring Marc Labrèche and Anne Dorval) is rather burlesque. It parodies the soap operas Americans as Les Feux de l'amour (The Young and the Restless), especially in their version dubbed in French: all the technical ridiculousness of these Z series is amplified at leisure, from the long close-ups on the pensive faces of the characters at the end of a line to the big strings of implausible situations, not forgetting the kitschy flowerpot at the beginning of a sequence, behind which we discover the characters of the scene...

* see the Thoughts Blaise Pascal (1623-1662): "The heart has its reasons that reason does not know.

The fall of Criquette

In episode 15 of season 2, entitled The Decline of CriquetteBrett finds himself buried alive in a coffin, which he tries to get out of by pushing the lid hard from the inside - efforts interrupted by a farting noise, preceding the line: " Good God! Damn my lactose allergy and its disastrous effects on the ozone layer! "

Here is the text of the sequence:

Brett - Help! I'm buried alive and I have to go to the bathroom! I'm Brett Montgomery, gynecologist emeritus, gymnast, amateur philatelist and I'm buried alive! Alive! Alive!

But nothing happens... I will have to use my steel muscles to smash the walls of this death coffin! But first, some stretching exercises... Now it's time for the titanic effort.   No. It's useless. No, I have the biceps of Heracles but the sphincter of Fraisinette*. Good God! Damn my lactose allergy and its disastrous effects on the ozone layer! .

* Strawberry (in Canada / Strawberry Shortcake in English-speaking countries / Strawberry Shortcake in France) is a girl-doll character (licensed to the American Iconix group) originally used in greeting cards and later depicted as a doll, on posters and other products. Fraisinette merchandise also includes a line of toys representing the character's friends and pets. These dolls have a smell: Fraisinette smells like strawberries.

Here is the video clip in question:

Discover also the Facebook page dedicated to the "best moments" of the series.


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