These 7 medicines that contain lactose


If lactose is present in the list of ingredients of many foods, from dairy products to cooked meats and ready-made meals, and is also an ingredient in many medicines and dietary supplements. Lactolérance reveals 7 commonly used medicines that contain lactoseThe aim is to help people who are intolerant to these products to treat themselves without suffering any digestive side-effects.

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Why do some medicines contain lactose? đŸ€”

If you find more lactose in charcuterieand the cheese, because this carbohydrate is used as a texturising and preserving agent by professionals in the food industry. It allows sausages, terrines and other pùtés to retain their nutritional qualities and attractive appearance over time. What about the use of lactose in the pharmaceutical industry?

In medicines, lactose plays the role of an excipient, an inactive ingredient capable of giving a given product its taste, consistency or colour. In a capsule or tablet, this carbohydrate can also act as a binder between the various active or medicinal ingredients. It is estimated that around 20% of prescription medicines and 6% of over-the-counter medicines contain lactose, which can be a real handicap if you are lactose intolerant.

If you are lactose intolerant, tell your doctor and pharmacist before prescribing any medicines that may contain lactose.

Which medicines contain lactose? 💊

  • In France, 100% of contraceptive pills are formulated with lactose. Their use is therefore contraindicated in cases of severe lactose intolerance or alactasia.
  • Certain statinscholesterol-lowering drugs, contain almost 30 mg of lactose, which corresponds to around 0.5 mL of milk.
  • Medicines containing paracetamol (Dafalgan, Doliprane (tablets), Efferalgan, etc.) all contain lactose.
  • Desloratadinean antihistamine for people prone to various allergic reactions, contains 1.2 mg lactose monohydrate per 5 mg tablet.
  • Diosmina chemical compound prescribed to stimulate blood circulation and relieve heavy legs in particular, uses lactose as an excipient.
  • Classified as an antibiotic, amoxicillin cures bacterial pathologies (respiratory infections, sinusitis, dental abscesses, etc.). Lactose is one of its notable excipients, along with sodium.
  • Trimebutine is used to treat painful spasms of digestive origin. One tablet of this medicine is equivalent to 50 mg lactose.

This list of medicines containing lactose is not exhaustive. If there is no alternative, or if taking your treatment is essential for health reasons, turn to towards lactase supplementation to limit or eliminate the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

Discover Lactolérance 4500 and Lactolérance9000, capsules to be taken according to your level of intolerance before consuming a food or medicine containing lactose.. Effective from first use for 45 minutes to 1 hourThese supplements will be your best allies when it comes to medicines containing lactose.


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