Lactose in charcuterie, what for?

Lactose in charcuterie... but what for!? 🤔

It is often surprising to see the presence of lactose in charcuterie... or even frankly annoyed to find out after the fact - when the digestive problems appeared. It is all very well to have milk in a pastry, a biscuit, a sauce, an ice cream or a pizza. But in a meat product? Look for the mistake!

Here are two reasons:

  • easy to use, not too sweet and not too expensive 💸, lactose combined with lactic ferments first of all helps to give foodstuffs a more balanced compact texture.
  • lactose is also a preservative.

So it's easy to understand why manufacturers use them so much...

In which types of sausages is lactose* found?

All sausages (Knacki, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Toulouse, Morteau, Currywurst, chipolatas, merguez, fricadelle...), white and black pudding, private label lardons, sausages and chorizos, mortadella, salami, pâtés, pies, mousses and terrines, some rillettes. And yes, the list is long! 😱

However, the following types of sausages are LACTOSE-FREE:

  • hams dry and most hams white
  • bacon major brands
  • whole foie gras (good news for the end of the year 😁 )
  • all charcuterie kosher

In conclusion, it is essential to read all labels carefully and touse Lactolérance by default if in doubt about a food, to avoid unpleasant surprises 😇.

*This information has been taken from the main brands and is given as a guide. We recommend that you read the labels carefully.


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