ğŸŽ¬ Video testimonial from Valentin - Lactose intolerant and Lactolérance user since 2013


👇Discover Valentin's video testimonial in which he reveals how Lactolérance put an end to the social constraints associated with lactose intolerance👇

Lactose intolerance, as well as causing him physical pain, has long been a social hindrance for Valentin. Whether it was in the dishes prepared at the canteen when he was a child or when sharing meals with friends outside the home, lactose has always spoiled his life! It was in 2013 that Valentin discovered Lactolérance food supplements.

Long a user of formulas concentrated in lactase 4500 and then 9000, Valentin recently opted for comfort by adopting the formula 1Day to provide permanent protection against the symptoms of lactose intolerance. With just one capsule a day, Valentin can now fully enjoy gourmet, convivial moments without any constraints.

⬇️Comme Valentin and thousands of other people choose peace of mind with Lactolérance! ⬇️

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