Testimony of Alain, lactose intolerant for 15 years

"How Lactolérance came into my life and never left!

At 72, I can tell you that my career with lactose has been anything but smooth sailing... 😅

When I was born in 1952I was greeted with a cow's milk protein allergylike many (unlucky) infants. This condition followed me throughout my childhood until I was 20, when it mysteriously disappeared...

From then on, I started enjoying all kinds of cheese and milk, but always in moderation! However, I noticed that my digestion was taking a little longer than average, accompanied by bloating.

Around the age of 55problems began to arise. Digesting dairy products became increasingly difficult, with its share of bloating, pain and gas. I consulted various health professionals to understand the problem: I was lactose intolerant.

After that, I tried various medicines sold in pharmacies, but digesting lactose was still a daily ordeal! Nothing worked and I've had to deprive myself of a lot of the pleasures in my diet. ☹️

One day, I went into my usual chemist's and noticed a display of a new food supplement to combat the symptoms of lactose intolerance: Lactolérance 4500. What an opportunity!

I immediately picked up a box and asked the pharmacist for more information, who highly recommended the product: " It's a new formula from a French laboratory. Take one capsule before eating yoghurt or a piece of cheese and you won't have any digestive problems." .

I couldn't believe it...

Back home with my little blue box, I decided to give it a go! Until now, I'd pretty much excluded lactose from my diet, limiting myself to foods with very low or no lactose content, such as butter or mature cheese.

Let's try it on a yoghurt " I thought to myself. I swallowed a capsule of Lactolérance 4500Then a spoonful of yoghurt, then two, then three... until the pot was empty. After I'd finished, I was a little apprehensive. But a few minutes later, the miracle happened: I felt perfectly fine! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

That little blue box changed my life. I was able to gradually reintroduce some dairy products into my diet, much to my delight!

I then discovered a version twice as concentrated on the Lactolérance website: Lactolérance 9000which I ordered immediately. Since then, I haven't had any digestive problems with dairy products, even in larger quantities than before (I love raclette and charcuterie). 🧀🥓).

Today, I eat what I want (lots of goat's cheese), but if I forget to take a capsule before eating, I pay in cash! I don't need to draw you a picture, my tummy swells and I feel the need to deflate it... 😅

I know a lot of people around me who suffer from the same symptoms after eating dairy products or charcuterie, and I'm not sure why. I always recommend Lactolérance.

1000 times thank you!!! 🙏


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