Lactose intolerance test: the blood test


Blood glucose testing can be used in cases oflactose intoleranceThis syndrome is defined as the inability of intestinal cells to break down lactose (milk sugar) into simple sugars (glucose and galactose) due to a deficit in lactase.

The lactose intolerance test consists of measuring the glucose level in the blood before and after After ingesting a quantity of lactose, it is advisable to measure it 3 to 4 times during the 3 hours following the ingestion of the lactose. A high blood sugar level indicates that the lactose was well degraded in glucose that is responsible for this rise in blood sugarThis eliminates the diagnosis of lactose intolerance. In case of lactose maldigestion, the blood glucose level does not rise or rises slightly since there is no glucose. 

Testing in people with diabetes

In people with diabetes, this test is not reliable enough since their blood sugar levels are disturbed, usually with high blood sugar figures. 

In some people with suspected lactose intolerance, the insulin response is so rapid after ingestion of lactose that hyperglycaemia cannot be detected, normoglycaemia indicates that the lactose has not been digested and the diagnosis is made when they do not have lactose intolerance (a false positive diagnosis)

The ingestion of lactose for blood glucose monitoring is contraindicated if the intake of this sugar has previously caused severe diarrhoea with dehydration, which is frequently encountered in children and infants.

This intolerance test is not considered a diagnostic test for certaintyis hydrogen breath test to confirm the diagnosis of lactose intolerance.


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