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See our table of the main dairy products or products containing milk to find out their lactose content.

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Lactose content of dairy products

In grams per 100 g


Whole milk 4,9
Skimmed milk 4,9
Low-fat milk 0,1
Concentrated milk 9,5 to 12,5
Sheep's milk 4,3 to 4,7
Goat's milk 4,0 - 5,0
Skimmed milk powder 51
Milk powder (whole) 35
Curdled milk 4,5
Breast milk 5,0 to 9,5
Powdered whey 66
-> Most animal milks contain around 5% lactose

Butter, creams and fermented milks

Butter 0,6
Buttermilk 4,0
10% whipped cream 4.0
30% whipped cream 3,3
Fresh cream 2,5
Margarine 0 to 1,0
Petit Suisse 40% natural 3,3
Plain yoghurt 4,8
Natural homemade yoghurt 0,0
Flavoured yoghurt 3 to 4
Drinking yoghurt 4,0
Sheep's milk yoghurt 2.2
Goat's milk yoghurt 2.0
Kefir 4,0


Cream (vanilla, chocolate, caramel, etc.) 6,2
Rice pudding 4,0 and more
Ice cream 5,0 and more
Ice cream bar 10,8
Cream puffs, éclair 1,2
Flan 6,2
Ice 6,0
Crème fleurette - Chantilly cream 3,1


Fromage frais - cottage cheese 2,5 to 4,1
Sheep's milk cheese 4,7
Cottage cheese (Saint Môret, Philadelphia...) 3,5
Mozzarella 2,5
Soft cheeses: Camembert, Brie,... 1,0 to 2,0
Semi-hard cheese: raclette, Reblochon, Cantal, etc. Trails to 1,0
Extra-hard or hard cheese: Gruyère, Emmental, Gouda, Mimolette, etc. Trails
Feta cheese 0,5 to 1.4
Roquefort 2,0
Mascarpone 4,0
Faisselle 3,6
Edam 2,0
Parmesan cheese 0,05 to 3,1
Raclette cheese 0,1
Fromage blanc 2,0 to 4,0
Cheese fondue 1,8
Cancoillotte cheese 3,7


Chocolate bread 0,7
Crescent 0,5
Spreads 4,6
Chocolate coated bar 7,8
Biscuits et snacks fourrés au chocolat 3,2
Dry biscuit 0,1
Milk chocolate 7,2
Cookie 3,2


Other lactose-rich foods

Charcuterie 1,0 to 4,0

Source: Crédoc and ASPCC

These figures are averages; lactose content may vary depending on the brand, the recipe and the manufacturing process.

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