Festive meals: where is the lactose hiding in your feast?


Festive meals are full of all kinds of delights, but lactose hidden in some hidden food traps can spoil your celebrations. In this article, let's delve into the world of festive foods and find out where those little doses of lactose are hiding. At Lactolérance we tell you how to get round these difficulties for a guaranteed moment of indulgence. (pssst, at the end they even tell you how to eat everything without worrying) !

How do you make a good start? 🚀🍤

Appetisers and starters may seem harmless at first, but many of them (like industrial products) contain lactose: cheese, creamy sauces or milky toppings.

Examples of trapped amuse-bouches and starters: blinis, surimi, charcuteriebrioche buns, aperitif biscuits, verrine, white pudding, meat or fish terrines.

Remain vigilant by checking the ingredients or opt for lactose-free alternatives. Here are a few examples:

  • prawns
  • smoked salmon
  • shellfish & seafood
  • foie gras integer

What to toast with? 🥂

Festive drinks are not immune. Creamy cocktails and milky drinks can be a hidden source of lactose. Explore lactose-free alternatives or opt for simple, refreshing drinks or wines and spirits. in moderation 😉

Dishes and sauces 🦃🧂

Main courses can be full of surprises. Meat may be coated with milk- or cream-based marinades. Contact the chef (if you're in a restaurant) or the host to make sure your main courses are lactose-free.

Avoid recipes with stuffing, purées and gratins. Favour fish, poultry and meats, but don't overcook them. watch out for the sauces!

These often contain large quantities of dairy products. Go for homemade lactose-free sauces or ask for delicious plant-based milk alternatives.

Say 'Cheese'! 🧀

We're almost to the desserts and here comes a tough opponent The cheese platter!

These contain all lactose, in varying quantities. Depending on your level of lactose intolerance, choose the hard cheeses that contain the least lactose (Comté, Gruyère, Beaufort, Cantal, Mimolette, etc.). Those of you in the know may want to take a break to save room for dessert!

The final touch for those with a sweet tooth 🍰

Desserts are the highlight of any feast, but beware of those that may contain milk and cream. Lactose-free desserts are very rare. Avoid pastry and ice-cream logs, chocolate turron and panettones.

Choose fruit-based desserts such as pineapple carpaccio with mint and sorbet - it's just as delicious! Discover our recipe for a lactose-free chocolate and red fruit logA tasty, easy-to-make alternative.


Navigating through festive meals while avoiding lactose may seem like a challenge, but with careful planning and open communication with your loved ones, you can enjoy every mouthful without compromising your digestive comfort. Celebrate carefree, savouring every festive moment!

How about a no-questions-asked festive meal? 

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