Lactose-Free Foods: Striking a Balance with Complete Peace of Mind


Find out how to navigate the world of lactose-free foods with Lactolerance.

If you are one of the millions of French people suffering from lactose intolerance, this article offers you a guide to a balanced, worry-free diet...

The daily challenges of lactose intolerance

Uncomfortable meals and limited choice. With 30 to 50% of French people affectedIf you're lactose intolerant, finding suitable products can seem like a challenge. What's more, the social impact of lactose intolerance on everyday life cannot be overlooked! Many people with lactose intolerance admit that they think twice before accepting restaurant outings or invitations to dinner, for fear of how people will look at them, or even for fear of having to leave their home. symptoms resulting from unwanted lactose intake.

Fortunately, Lactolérance is here to help.

Authorised foods - What can you eat?

  • Hard cheeses A feast of flavours including cheddar, edam, gouda and many others.
  • Lactose-free milk and milk preparations Enjoy the pleasure of milk without the inconvenience.
  • Fresh meat and fish Enjoy pure protein with no hidden sauces.
  • Fruit, vegetables and much more An abundance of choices for a nutrient-rich diet.
  • Cold meats and eggs Discover delicious sources of protein and flavour.
  • Alternatives for carbohydrates Explore lactose-free bread, potato and cereal options.
  • Asian cuisine A delicious, naturally dairy-free option.

Towards a Complete Solution without deprivation

Lactolérance: Your ally for a worry-free life.

Our food supplements with its neutral taste, provides the lactase you need to enjoy milk and its derivatives with complete peace of mind. Say goodbye to the search forlactose-free foods. Try the effectiveness of Lactolérance with our 24H Discovery Pack containing 1 box of Lactolérance 9000 and our formula 1Day made from probiotics.

Find out how to live without the limitations of lactose intolerance. Take the first step towards a balanced and tasty diet by choosing Lactolerance today.

With Lactolerance by your side, lactose intolerance no longer means compromise. Explore a variety of delicious foods and nutritious options without the worry of lactose.


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