Treatments for lactose intolerance


Lactose intolerance is not a disease, but it is irreversible, so there is no cure. no curative treatment.

No need to panic! Lactolerance has set itself the task of helping you to identify this problem. widespread intolerance and make your digestive comfort easier every day with our food supplements. We'll explain below 😉👇

How to manage lactose intolerance in everyday life?

1st solution: avoid milk products altogether ❌🥛

Easier said than done because lactose is present everywhere in our diet, in dairy products of course, but also in :

  • many ready meals (pizzas, dishes in sauce, etc.) 🍔
  • the charcuterie 🥓
  • sauces 🥣
  • bread 🥖
  • pastries 🧁
  • chocolate 🍫
  • and even in 20 % of medicines 💊 (all contraceptive pills contain them, for example)!

If it's possible to consider going lactose-free at home by reading the labels very carefullyOn the other hand, you can eat out, on holiday, in the canteen, at the office, in a restaurant or at a friend's house, it's getting harder to eat!

Lactose intolerance, the difficulties of eating with peace of mind


2nd (and most effective) solution: lactase supplementation 💊👍

This is where Lactolérance comes in: our food supplements help to digest lactose without suffering any inconvenience. 😍😍😍

OK, but how does it work?

Lactose intolerant people no longer produce the enzyme to assimilate it: the lactase. As a result, they are exposed to a wide range of digestive discomforts, which manifest themselves more or less quickly after ingesting lactose, depending on the following factors various symptoms.

Lactolerance food supplements are essentially composed of lactase (100% natural💚 origin) . By using Lactolérance, you compensate for the lack of lactase in your digestive tract ; so you can digest lactose like tolerant people, while avoiding the symptoms of intolerance. The result is optimal digestive comfort and the disappearance of intestinal pain and discomfort. Pretty cool no 😁!?

Who can take it?

Oral supplementation with the enzyme lactase has proved effective for over 30 years. It can be absorbed by the adult lactose intolerant than by the child. These results are confirmed by clinical studies.

Lactolerance is packaged in the form of dry capsules (HPMC vegetable shell) . This form is for adults onlybecause of the risk of choking that any dry capsule presents for young children (official Afssap recommendations). Nonetheless, children from 3 years of age can use LactoléranceThe capsules can be taken as long as they are opened and the powder dissolved in a little water before the meal.


Are there any side effects?

No. Lactase is a product 100% natural, perfectly tolerated by the body and without any undesirable effects. 
If you have taken in more than you need, your body will eliminate it naturally, without consequence.

Which lactolerance supplement should I choose?

It all depends on your level of lactose intolerance and your lifestyle. We have developed 3 formulas to cover all your needs and offer you optimal digestive comfort in any situation. 👌

Lactolerance food supplements


  • Lactolérance 4500 : lactase capsules for moderate intolerance. Suitable for occasional use with moderate quantities of lactose (e.g. medicines). Lactose-free dieters appreciate its flexibility.
  • Lactolérance 9000 lactase capsules for severe intolerance. 2 times more concentrated than Lactolérance 4500, it is suitable for occasional use with large quantities of lactose (e.g. raclette with friends). With an efficiency rate of 98% Among its users, Lactolérance 9000 is the first choice of our most demanding customers or those who regularly eat away from home.
  • Lactolérance 1Day : formula based on lactase-producing probiotics. 1 capsule to be taken daily to enable your the body to naturally create the enzyme lactase (3 to 7 days' adjustment required). Give yourself permanent protection against the symptoms of lactose intolerance, whatever your level of intolerance.

👇 Not sure which package to choose? The Discovery pack is for you! 😉👇

Image redirecting to the lactorélance 1day pack and 9000 pill dispenser product sheet

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