What is lactose? Lactose is the sugar in milk, whether it is breast milk or animal milk (cow's milk, goat's milk, sheep's milk, etc.). Lactose is formed from the combination of 2 "simple" sugars (glucose and galactose). Lactose cannot be assimilated directly...

Breath Hydrogen Test: Breathing test for lactose intolerance

  The Breath Hydrogen Test (BHT) is a test to assess the intestinal digestion of lactose (milk sugar) and to detect lactose intolerance, a syndrome defined by the inability of the intestinal cells to break down lactose into simple sugars (glucose and galactose) due to the presence of lactose.

Gas and lactose intolerance

  The presence of gas in the digestive tract has two origins: gases (nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide) from the air swallowed during swallowing and gases (hydrogen and methane) produced by the intestinal flora during digestion. This gas production is a major factor in the...

Lactose intolerance test

On a daily basis, lactose intolerance can cause numerous inconveniences: stomach aches, bloating and diarrhoea. There are almost 5 million people in France who suffer from these symptoms as soon as they consume milk products. The link between the symptoms and the consumption of milk products...

Lactose-free ice cream

Did you know that? Ice cream is the favourite dessert of the French during the summer. In France, we consume an average of 6 litres per year per person. Is there lactose in ice cream? It depends... To be precise, an "ice cream" is not an "ice cream": An ice cream is a product that is...

Testimony of Isabelle, lactose intolerant

Here's what makes life easier: take a capsule of "Lactolérance 1 Day" every day, and you're fine! Isabelle Janvier 2020 I am lactose intolerant (diagnosed by the team of dieticians at the Montpellier Cancer Institute) and have cancer...


Lactose intolerance saves your life among superheroes! Lactose intolerance versus lactokinesis: a means of survival in superheroes against "the shittiest power ever"... In Misfits, a British TV series from 2009, lactose intolerance ends up being a life-saving condition.

The Heart has its Reasons

"Damn my lactose allergy and its disastrous effects on the ozone layer!" About the inconvenience of lactose intolerance when you find yourself buried alive and trying to get out of it by pushing the coffin lid with all your might... Cult series, The Heart Has Its Reasons* does not...

The Big Bang Theory

TV series are fond of funny allusions to lactose intolerance, an inexhaustible source of situational comedy, in everyday scenes - and embarrassing ones at that. Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki), the hypochondriac character in the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory, created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady...


Perfect anagram of "lactose intolerant": "So much alcohol! Optimistic anagram of "lactose intolerant" (incomplete anagram: remains an "a"): "And you will snack! Anagrams made with

Testimony of Katia, whose daughter Juliette is lactose intolerant

Magical! Fabulous! Seeing the stars in my daughter's eyes because we were buying her an ice cream on a walk, I will remember that for a long time. Juliette, 7 years old, is lactose intolerant, she was only diagnosed at the age of 5. We have learned to cook differently, but the ban on lactose is still in place.

Lactose-free rice pudding

Rice pudding is the childhood dessert par excellence. But there is a world of difference between industrial rice pudding, canteen rice pudding and homemade rice pudding! Here's a lactose-free recipe that's easy to make at home and that you can use to make your own.